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Agro-Star 2013 is the official exclusive supplier of high-tech concentrated liquid mineral fertilizers, with micro and macro-elements, from Jordan on the territory of Jordan on the territory of Ukraine. Our products have been tested on the basis of leading agricultural institutes of Ukraine. The purposefulness of the work of our specialists and the experience gained in cooperation with many argicultural enterprises of Ukraine have shown high results (quantitative and qualitative indicators), of yields on different crops. The company’s staff strives to provide our customers with a full range of services in the field of concentrated liquid mineral fertilizers and will share their own experience to increase the quantitative and qualitative indicators of the harvest. We do guarantee the high quality of our products.

We provide the best to make you the best !
We create fertilizers that promote plant growth and give the best results to the plant itself and the products that are growing. Our fertilizers are strictly regulated and tested to ensure that they give the best results and that they're safe for the people who use them, people nearby and the surrounding environment.
Guiding Support
We offer you professional consultation of our specialist - we have the experience to guide and help you with any question you might have. At any time if you would like to question about our products, or how to use them we'll make sure that one of our specialists will bring up the best result possible for you.
Different Technologies
We offer different technologies for the best results !

Give us a call to find out more about it or feel free to message us through our contact form in our site.
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